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Receptions & Hall Rentals


Receptions are available after your wedding in our chapel for up to 10 guests. All of our reception options are buffet style, and include all necessary cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery.


SIMPLE: includes soft drinks, chicken bites, and cookie tray. One hour only. $25 per person


SWEET: includes soft drinks, fruit selection, chicken bites, and cookie tray. One and a half hours. $30 per person


SAVORY: includes soft drinks, fruit and cheese selection, chicken bites, sandwich trays, and cookie tray. Two hours. $35 per person.




For sit-down receptions with servers and menu choices, please give us a call at (954) 782-2925 to discuss options.


If you would rather bring your own food and drinks, you can rent out our chapel with tables and white tablecloths. First hour: $250, each additional hour: $150 (Two hour minimum). Please note: with this option, you are responsible for cleaning up the chapel and removing all food prior to your departure.



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